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Of course, with the development of mobile technology, software and console games, many people have already forgotten about this game - "City Names". That's why we decided to present this game in its classic version, thereby releasing the application - "City Names: Words Chain Game".

In fact, probably no one who has not played it in the World. And now this game will always be in your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!


Games modes

Available 3 modes:
  • The "Сlassic game" - the classic mode, in which you need to consistently name the city, for which you will earn points.
  • "On time" - the same classic mode, but with a certain time limit. Test your ability to remember and respond rapidly in a short time.
  • "Five minutes" - the mode in which you are invited to name as many cities as you can in 5 minutes.

Free version

In addition to the paid version, which costs just $0.99, there is also free version - with advertising and limited features.


Additional functions

Game Center

Your Dictionary

Info about the city

Game Center

  • Compete with your friends to gain maximum points in 4 types of leaderboards.
  • Perform tasks and get Game Center points for them. Currently available 13 achievements associated with the score, the number of named cities, the number of cities, which added to the dictionary etc.*

* - achievemnts of Game Center is not available in free version.

Your Dictionary

If your city was not in the dictionary of game "City Names: Word Chain Game",you can manually add your own city to the "Your Dictionary"*. Thus, you have added the city will always be used in the process of following games and they will be acceptable when you answering. There is also a likelihood that the computer will use them against you, so be careful ;-)

* - in free version of game "Your Dictionary" can contain maximum 15 cities.

Info about the city*

  • Find out where is located city named by opponent during the game.
  • If this information is small, then you can always make a search for such resources like Wikipedia and Google.

* - Info about the city is not available in free version


Supported iOS versions


iOS 6

iOS 7

Supported devices

iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S,
5, 5C, 5s

iPod Touch 4, 5

iPad 2, the new iPad,
4, Air, mini, mini 2


Price: $0.99 / Free
Category: Games
Size: 17.8 MB / 17.9 MB
Language: English
Developer: Vladislav Kovalyov
© 2014, Kovalyov Vladislav
Age 4+
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City Names: Word Chain Game © 2014, All Rights Reserved.
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